One stop hire limited | retainer

improving work health safety through inspection Reform

Following the completion of the workplace inspection reform, several areas for improvement were identified. We’ve been busy working our way through all of the depots, really focusing on improving workplace inspections, physical safety, communication and training.

One stop hire limited | retainer

The Challenge

We were contacted by the Operations and SHEQ Manager as they were finding it difficult to carry out the proactive workplace inspections across all their depots, due to how busy they were and the opening of new depots.

We discussed how we could carry out these inspections on their behalf, ensuring compliance with internal standards and policies as well as legislative requirements. The inspections that were required not only needed to cover the physical safety issues but also include COVID-19 compliance, training and employee wellbeing.

We included an action plan with review dates to be sent to the Operations and SHEQ Manager. This also included a review and update of depot fire risk assessments.

One stop hire limited | retainer

The Solution

One Stop Hire Ltd was set up with one of our Health and Safety Retainer Packages and we got to work straight away. So far we’ve adapted the existing workplace inspection form to suit their needs, bring it up to date, all whilst ensuring it maintained a user-friendly format for the future. We developed an inspection schedule for two depots per month and carried out the depot visits according to the schedule in place.

We Worked with Depot Managers to ensure transparency in what we were doing, and consulted with Managers and employees to get a feel for the culture at the depot level.

A Health and Safety progress review meeting was held after 6 months with Management to share identified trends (both negative and positive).

Progress Review

One stop hire limited | retainer

The Result

The inspections identified several areas for improvement in both physical aspects of the depots as well as communication and training. Some of the changes made during the visits include:

  • Installation of safety barriers across open bay (preventing possible falls from height)

  • Improvement in storage of flammable liquids and Diesel tanks

  • Improvement of compressed gas storage arrangements and increased awareness of storage requirements

  • Improved consistency of company rules (e.g. wearing of PPE)

  • Increased awareness of Depot manager responsibilities

  • Refreshed knowledge of fire safety requirements and purpose

The Company are working through the action plans and we assist them upon request and they are provided with regular informative updates as they apply to the business/industry.

One stop hire limited | retainer

What’s Next?

We will continue working with One Stop Hire on their Health and Safety Retainer until all depots are complete.